what went wrong

I was reminded how we started this beautiful relationship somewhere 4 to 5 years ago.. We both walked in to the same department under the same corporation. As we evolved through the years, we became more define and precise.. we believe in growing old walking side by side together is what keeping us together. 

Then u wanted to persue ur higher education.. for three years, I have stayed close to u.. supporting u in every way I can.. and I know u may contest my “support” to u all these while.. U know.. the fact that U wanted to study for another three years, have already put me to compromise when I can just come in and questioned you about my status being attached to a man who wanted to study instead of saving up and working towards our marriage…the one thing why couple stay true together.. Look at it this way, for three years, I could have not attached myself  to you and just enjoy my life as it is for me.. I could have known other people.. But I chose not to do that cause u showed me, at that point of time, what a promising man u can be.. 

But as time goes by, u changed. Now u said, u doubt if there is any wedding for us.. U said the meanest thing possible.. To u, u feel a lot better when you see my tears.. U savour my grievances, my weakness, my tears as your victory. U no longer care for my feelings.. U shoved me aside without even trying to understand.. yet you expect me to read your move..expect me to assume on things which is not clear… U raise your voice unneccessarily..even in public.. and the worst part, I cannot be upset about it. When something went wrong at work, u placed the blame on me.. when something didnt go quite right, u throw ur anger at me without even the slightest thought about how I felt.. Yes, u can turn this around and say.. I made u this way.. but did u really think, think deep about your actions that may implicate on others.. No.. u didnt..

Tell me, what went wrong?


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